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Re: parakeet with injured leg...

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Posted by Grace on July 18, 2003 at 00:10:22:

In Reply to: parakeet with injured leg... posted by Shannon on July 17, 2003 at 16:33:52:

: I am the owner of several birds. I love all my birds very
: much but feel that I've made a huge mistake with one
: of my parakeets.

: About a month ago I cleaned the house and mistakenly
: put my lovebirds cage too close to my parakeets cage.
: Well, lovebirds are notorious for biting the toes
: of other birds. Sure enough I heard squabbling going
: on and saw that the lovebird had a hold of my parakeets
: foot through the cage. He finally let go and the
: parakeet was favoring his left leg. He continued to
: try and put weight on it but couldn't. I noticed
: that evening that he could move his toes and wrap them
: around the perch, but was still not fully putting
: pressure on the leg. I decided to wait and see if this
: would be something that would heal on its own, and I
: now realize that I shouldn't have done that. It hasn't
: healed and it seems to be causing more problems then
: him just not being able to stand on it. He keeps his tail pulled to
: the side, and now wants to sit on the floor of the
: cage instead of on his perch. He can still fly, and
: land on his perches with one leg, and he eats and drinks, but is
: obviously uncomfortable. I've always been one to say
: take your bird to the vet asap when injured or when you
: first see signs of illness, but something told me to
: just wait and see if he got better because it just
: didn't seem to be phasing him much, but now it is.

: I've made an appointment with an avian vet tomorrow
: afternoon, and just wanted to know from anyone on here
: what if anything do you think they can do for him now
: that I've waited a month? Have I waited too long do
: you think? What do they do if broken, or sprained or
: if it was torn from the socket? After a month, do you
: think they could still fix him?

: Thanks for your help,
: Shannon

Hello Shannon:
I think you should have taken you little parakeet to a Vet sooner but better later then never.

It is hard for me to say what damage was done by the Love Bird but I am sure the Vet will know whatr to do. I hope that your parakeets leg can be saved but if not a bird can live with 1 leg if necessary but lets hope and pray that all goes well and that the leg can be healed. I knew of someone whose Love Bird bit the bottom of her canary's beak and the little canary lived to be a mother so let us hope you parakeet will be ok.
Good Luck and please keep us posted.

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