A Gallery of Canary Portraits

Originally published in All About Your Canary – 1951.

Each bird in this collection of thirty-six life-size canary portraits was painted from an actual live model carefully selected to typify the best qualities of a particular breed or type.

William C. Dilger, one of America’s most talented ornitholigical artists, painted these outstanding canary portraits. At the time the paintings were made, Mr. Dilger was completing work for his Doctor’s degree at Cornell University. Mr. Dilger has had many years of experience in the field of bird painting. As a boy, he found his greatest pleasure in drawing birds. Even while in the Army in World War II, he found time to continue his study by sketching wild birds native to India and the Far East. This collection of paintings truly represents a labor of love.

Mr. George F. Mitchell of Toronto, Canada, one of the continent’s most highly regarded bird show judges, supervised the descriptions in the “Gallery Catalogue” and served as consultant throughout the preparation of the paintings. Mr Mitchell is well-known both in Canada and the United States for his efforts in connection with bird shows.

The Gallery Catalogue

Yellow Roller Canary

Yellow Chopper In Song

Variegated Yellow Roller In Song

Green Chopper Canary

Variegated Chopper Canary

Cinnamon Chopper Canary

Blue Chopper Canary

White Chopper Canary

Fawn Chopper Canary

Clear Cap Gold Lizard Canary

Clear Cap Silver Lizard Canary

Yellow Border Fancy Canary

Yellow-Green Border Fancy Canary

Ticked-Buff Border Fancy Canary

Miniature Fawn Border Fancy Canary

Cinnamon-Marked Norwich Canary

Plain Head Clear Buff Norwich Canary

Colorfed Norwich Plain Head Canary

Wing-Marked Dark Crested Norwich Canary

White Yorkshire Canary

Clear Yellow Yorkshire Canary

Wing-Marked Yorkshire Canary

Buff Yorkshire Canary

Scotch Fancy Canary

Lancashire Coppy Canary

Gloster Canary

European Goldfinch

Canary And European Goldfinch Cross

Canary And European Linnet Cross

Male Venezulean Black-Hooded Red Siskin

Female Venezulean Black-Hooded Red Siskin

Mahogany Canary And Siskin 1st Cross

Orange-Cinnamon Canary And Siskin 2nd Cross

Apricot Canary And Siskin 3rd Cross

Frosted Pink Chopper Canary

Dilute Hen Chopper Canary

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