Ornamental Fish International article – Genetically Modified Organisms In the Aquatic Trade?

Svein A. Fosså, Vice-Chairman, OFI

Science has long since brought us to the point where transferral of genes from one species to another is becoming everyday practice in many areas. The construction of GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) has become a welcomed tool in medical production (various medicines, antibiotics, human spare parts, etc.), and it finds increasingly more uses in agriculture and food production. We get faster-growing crops, plants with integrated biological pest controls and disease resistance, plants with reduced need for fertilisers, as well as extended environmental tolerance and increased nutrient values in plants, as well as animals. Soon, GMO’s – fluorescent Zebra Fishes and Medakas for a start – will be ready also for introduction to the aquatic trade. Are we prepared for this?
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