Lancashire Canary

Gripping the upper perch, in positions assumed in display, are the BELGIAN FANCY (left), with head and neck extended at a sharp angle from the body, and the SCOTCH FANCY, with a smoothly arched exhibition posture. A “mop” of large, flat feathers adorns the crown of the CRESTED CANARY (lower left). Unusually long, wavy, and recurved plumage gives the FRILLED CANARY (lower right) the appearance of having been stroked the wrong way. Dandy of the English canaries, the YORKSHIRE (right center) should be slim, long, and straight as a soldier.

By Alexander Wetmore

Originally appeared in the December 1938 issue of the National Geographic Magazine

The Lancashire canary is the largest of all, being strong and robust and standing a head taller than any of the others. Its size may be appreciated from the painting, in which the crested canary shown is of the Lancashire breed and is appreciably larger than its companions. The largest specimens are more than seven inches in length and are heavy in body, so that they appear as veritable giants when compared with ordinary canaries.

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