Barry Farber and the case of the missing parrot

This One’s True!

Here’s a bird story from Barry Farber, long-time New York City radio talk show host and language learning expert:
Studying Modern Hebrew, Barry practiced by listening to a tape. One of the exercises asked, in Hebrew, “Where is the bird?” The correct response was, again in Hebrew, “The bird is in the elevator.”
Though continuing to practice conscientiously, he could only wonder about the practicality of this exercise.

The next day Barry Farber happened to be waiting in the lobby of a hotel. The doorman carried in an ornate bird cage, containing a loudly protesting parrot. The cage was handed to a bellhop, who proceeded to carry both cage and bird in the elevator.

Just as the elevator doors closed, a young lady rushed into the lobby and, with great urgency asked in Modern Hebrew, “Where is the bird?”

In a clear case of synchronicity, Barry Farber was able to reply in Hebrew, “The bird is in the elevator!”

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