Mahogany Canary And Siskin 1st Cross

Mahogany Canary and Siskin 1st Cross
The Canary and siskin hybrid is always a very dark bird and usually small in size. Depending on the depth of color they are usually called a copper, bronze, or mahogany. When these birds are mated back to pure canary stock, the chicks are called second cross and generally have a much more attractive appearance.

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  1. I recently purchased a Mahogany Red Factor female. She is small and has a very unusual Peep and Whistle. Her wings flutter like a hummingbird. Loves her toys and nesting. I purchased her unseen. She has a deep cinnamon coloring along with the dark greenish top feathers. I’m a recent above knee amputation. I have a rather large Orange red factor male. I had a clutch from him about 6 years ago. Being limited to my activities I decided to purchase a female canary and breed. In the meantime someone brought me a yellow female canary and they are courting. My little Mahogany Red is alone now in her own cage. Do I get another male and what should I get and from where. Thanks

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